Automated Data Connectors: A new way to data integration

Traditional data integration methods are extremely time and labor intensive. They occupy data engineering teams with mindless tasks that eat away from valuable resources which could be better devoted to strategy and business development. Automated data connectors make these tasks much easier. Here’s how. dataintegration #dataconnectors #data #business #datastrategy Data is the lifeblood of today’s […]


Decoding Data Integration Challenges- What Are We Really Afraid of?

Integrating data is one of the thorniest challenges in business intelligence and analytics”. Analysing challenges discussed 20 years ago, versus those recouped now, it is easy to understand the apprehension that lies within the consumer to integrate data analytics into their company protocols. The issues? Extremely basic. Read more to understand the root of why […]

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Improving the Supply Chain – Increasing Efficiency via Data Integration

In recent times, the advancement in technology and rapid global digitalization is disrupting almost all sectors of the economy, and the supply chain industry isn’t left out. Changing consumers’ behaviors and various market disruptions are also affecting how organizations carry out their day-to-day activities. From monitoring, assessment and optimization, firms are now looking for new […]