Vorro’s training courses help our clients become experts at using our solutions to rapidly address their integration projects.

Whether you would like to schedule the training at your office or ours, or if you want online training, our course offerings are flexible, it only takes a short time to make you extremely efficient with our platforms.


During this course, you will learn the core concepts of the BridgeGateTM Transformation and Exchange Infrastructure. Get hands-on training with the BridgeGateTM Workbench and unleash the power to deploy integration solutions faster than ever before. Learn how to manage your enterprise data from the BridgeGateTM Portal to give you the insight you need to understand the flow of your data.


Gain the expertise required to extend the BridgeGateTM Transformation and Exchange Infrastructure to operate at your organization’s peak performance. Understand the multiple settings and options found in the BridgeGateTM configuration files. Learn the secrets to maximizing your adapter and plug-in connectivity. Get hands-on experience installing and configuring load balanced and clustered BridgeGateTM solutions. Learn how to tune your environment for maximum performance using the tips and techniques of BridgeGate TM pros.


Learn how to use the advanced data manipulation techniques offered by the BridgeGateTM Transformation and Exchange Infrastructure. Understand how to engage your previously written, complex stored procedures and custom SQL queries and how to integrate them into your BridgeGateTM workflows. Extend your data management with the use of single and multiple session variables. Learn how to use advanced mapping and processing functions such as item lists and nested loops. Understand the advanced string manipulations and mathematical calculations offered in the BridgeGateTM Workbench. Learn how to increase your productivity using the tips and techniques of BridgeGateTM pros.


Gain an understanding of how to extend the BridgeGateTM Transformation and Exchange Infrastructure through the use of custom adapters and plug-ins. Learn how to integrate your custom written solutions with BridgeGateTM. Learn how to protect your data with encryption technologies that provide the added security your organization may require. Get hands-on training with the built-in BridgeGateTM Trading Partner Module and how to use it to speed the deployment of on-ramping new integration projects. Quickly master the skills required to design and present a graphical view of your data. Learn from a leading BridgGateTM expert how to use
the built-in data depot to store data from your workflows that can be easily ported to a professional-looking dashboard so you can have a quick view of how your data is flowing through your environment.