Eliminate the roadblocks that exist today by meeting organizations where they are technologically

Vorro offers a comprehensive software platform that integrates data quickly and inexpensively, with no code or standard needed. The Vorro Solution handles and transforms data from any business system, in any format, and is  capable of data integration projects of any size. 

With Vorro’s Integration Suite you have a rapidly deployable, robust and reliable integration platform.

Our simple user interface requires no coding and makes complex integration projects quick and easy to deploy.

The BridgeGate Microservices architecture enables the continuous deployment and deployment of large, complex applications. It also enables an organization to evolve its technology stack without requiring a rip out and replace approach.

Any-to-any data integrated / transformed:
  • No matter the system, application, format of data needed, Vorro handles the transaction and transforms the data in the format and way you need it

  • Simple, easy to use solution for exchanging data
Rapid implementation:
  • Implementation in days vs. weeks

  • The more complex your data environment, the better for the Vorro integration solution.  With built-in business intelligence, Vorro doesn’t require data to be disassembled or reassembled, making the process quicker and more efficient
Scalable and extensible:
  • From one computer to thousands of users Vorro grows with your organization, protecting your existing investments

  • Vorro offers robust plug-in capabilities and an unparalleled ease of transition as you grow
Feel confident in your ability to safely store and share sensitive patient and internal information.
  • Auditable chain-of-custody of data

  • Comprehensive management dashboards provide one view of meaningful information

  • Alerts, notifications and error resolution
Lower cost solution for more integration:
From implementation to support, Vorro offers a lower total cost of ownership than other solutions on the market.

Vorro Integration Platform Capabilities

  • Any-to-any data integrated/transformed with patented technology

  • Virtually codeless solution

  • Rapid implementation with iterative testing approach saves development time

  • Existing technology investments can be connected and leveraged

  • Scalable and extensible — solution grows with your organization

  • Robust plug-in capabilities

  • Significantly improved visibility of information with management dashboards

  • Auditable chain-of-custody of data

  • Alerts, notifications and error resolution
  • Web services enablement – enables information exchange among various applications on a web services platform, in conformance with industry specifications and web services profiles.

  • ESB Enablement – supports a variety of systems, secures and encodes data and facilitates communication across the enterprise

  • ETL – extract data from outside sources, transform it to fit your operation and load it into the end target or database

  • B2B integration – extend enterprise boundaries and have full e-business integration with customers, suppliers and partners.