Live Webinar

Learn how we helped our clients build a successful data integration strategy to support value-based patient care

Hosted by: Billy Waldrop, Chief Operations Officer 

Billy will discuss the importance of implementing an effective data interoperability strategy to support insights needed for value-based care.

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Wednesday, June 12th _ 1 PM EST


About The Webinar

Healthcare is generating and collecting clinical, financial, and social data about patients at an ever-accelerating pace. The volume of data, including those being collected via wearable devices, are measured in the hundreds of exabytes.  

Attendees will learn:

  • How to implement an integrated interoperability platform that extends beyond the current traditional HL7 interface engines
  • How to use predefined integration workflow and templates to accelerate data connectivity, validation and transformation
  • How our customers are strategically using our Any-to-Any integration platform to support critical care and business functions