Beyond a typical eMAR, BlueStep eMAR allows pharmacies to leverage a comprehensive technology package that is expandable to a complete and comprehensive EHR system. BlueStep pharmacy partners earn a unique position with their provider customers committed in the care for the residents and communities they service.

Additionally, pharmacies are empowered with the ability to maintain a direct line of communication between pharmacists, techs, nurses, administrators, physicians, labs and even family members through its proprietary Connect portals. Integration with all major pharmacy software systems is also available to ensure an efficient and instant exchange of medication information to all appropriate parties.

  • Improve medication adherence with real-time connectivity, coordination, reporting and alerts
  • Mobile, laptop, kiosk – Attractive and simple user experiences are tailored for CNAs, med techs, nurses, and others for quick access to critical information
  • FamilyConnect – Families/Responsible Parties have secure access to the most current medication information and administration documentation for peace of mind.