The professionals at Vorro have many years of experience implementing healthcare technology solutions and managing projects for enterprises of all sizes. We can assist you in outlining your technical and business objectives to improve the interaction between your teams and the technologies they use in order to maximize and facilitate Optimal Coordinated Care. We have the proven tools and best practices needed to focus on meeting your specific objectives.


  • Assess the state of your current systems and IT infrastructure
  • Design a solution that optimizes what you already have and increases your flexibility to adapt quickly as business requirements change
  • Upgrade and migrate your software and data infrastructure so you can take advantage of new technology without disrupting operations
  • Customize your data to meet your specifications and provide the data needed for so that all of the teams involved can get a single, comprehensive view of the data they need, when they need it.

    Vorro specializes in combining our proven, industrial strength technologies with simple, configurable, and easily deployed solutions. We will provide just the right amount of professional services needed so that we can quickly maneuver through the project.

    Vorro’s implementation support is unmatched among solution providers. Our customer implementation program provides you with the knowledge and resources to successfully implement our solutions quickly and effectively. The program consists of:

  • Tailored, on-site training
  • Interactive workshops
  • Access to industry subject matter experts
  • Responsive account management