HL7 Integration Engine

Vorroconnect offers an open, scalable any-to-any integration and workflow platform that enables secure communication and interoperability among an organization’s disparate systems and applications.

Vorro’s healthcare data integration platform transforms and delivers massive sets of data with no programming, and without impact to existing systems. When corporate data is available to an unlimited number of people within and external to your organization, your data can be used to make informed and faster decisions, identify new opportunities to grow, and understand how well your organization is performing.
BridgeGate provides comprehensive, native access to more than 300 distinct databases and information sources – including relational, legacy, EHR, ERP, CRM, data staged in warehouses or data marts, and real-time data from operational systems – on any platform.

Robust and Reliable integration Platform

Bridge gaps with highly-connected integration

Healthcare providers make mission-critical decisions every day, but sometimes have to do so without all the information they need or would like to have. For many, their IT infrastructure doesn’t support information sharing because it involves a wide range of systems and applications. They have to contend with that data being scattered throughout many facilities, in many regions, and requiring multiple logins. Further, healthcare information is delivered and shared in many forms: phone, point systems, email, fax and manually to name a few.

With these challenges, healthcare providers can become less productive, frustrated and unable to provide the level of patient care that faster, more efficient technology can deliver.

VorroHealth’s BridgeGate Health can help bridge these gaps through a highly-connected, tightly integrated organization. Better technology is the answer, and BridgeGate Health™ is that product.

Benefits of BridgeGate Health™

Every day, Vorro’s BridgeGate Health™ Clinical Care Exchange platform orchestrates millions of real-time data messages for 250 health systems, encompassing over 1,000 facilities.

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