Vorro team members are inspired to enable and facilitate the very best integration solutions for our customers.

Scott Sirdevan

Scott Sirdevan is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Vorro, Inc. and is focused on the strategic positioning and development of Vorro’s technology. Scott is the lead inventor on the three BridgeGate patents. His focus at Vorro is to enable customers to bring together data from multiple systems to the point of decision. Scott began his professional software development career at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia, working on software in support of statistical research aimed at controlling the spread of malaria and AIDS.  After his work at the CDC, Scott spent more than two decades leading extremely complex system integration and development projects for major companies such as AT&T Bell Laboratories and Bank of America. In 1999, Scott joined a team to work on the SkyMall e-commerce project and subsequently co-founded BridgeGate now Vorro, Inc. Scott earned his M.S. in Computer Information Systems at Kansas State University.

Roy Rasband

Roy Rasband is the Chairman of the Board of Directors. He brings both depth and breadth of experience in the area of technology solutions and opportunities. He played an integral part in assisting organizations create versatile and robust architectures. Before Vorro, Roy served as president of Answers4 Association, LLC with more than 500,000 users worldwide. Prior to his involvement with Answers4 he was part of the senior management team of Revenue Systems, Inc. that successfully managed a $14 million tag/title/registration project for the State of Utah as well as other states including Missouri, South Dakota and Georgia.  Earlier in his career, Roy was an entrepreneur for 15 years and honed his skills in technology and project management. He currently serves as a board member of three boards — 4Care Pharmacy Services, Utah Figure Skating Club (incumbent president) and Davis County Amateur Radio Club. Roy obtained a BA in Information Systems from Georgia State University’s College of Business.

Billy Waldrop

Billy Waldrop, MBA is the Chief Operations Officer for Vorro, Inc. and is responsible for overseeing the organization’s goals and success. He was formerly VP of Operations, overseeing support and services as well as establishing and managing policies and procedures for day-to-day operations. Billy has spent his career managing and developing complex systems for the manufacturing and healthcare industries. He assisted in launching the joist division of CMC Steel into the 21st century with his knowledge of systems design and project management. He went on to spend nearly 10 years at the Mayo Clinic, where he supervised and directed teams responsible for the development and support of critical Patient Financial Services systems. He was also responsible for the design and implementation of a Citrix deployment to enable the delivery of Mayo Clinic’s Electronic Medical Records applications. He has a strong background in process engineering, defining clear-cut policies and procedures, and designing system architectures that achieve significant business results. Billy holds an MBA and a B.S. in Professional Management, both from Nova Southeastern University, along with management certifications from the Mayo Clinic. His philosophy is to DREAM BIG, have FUN, and GET LOTS DONE!

Jeremiah “Miah” Johnson

Jeremiah “Miah” Johnson, Board Member, is a master at building mutually beneficial relationships, finding and securing partners who will help Vorro Health extend the capabilities of its technology in order to fulfill its mission of improving our loved ones’ care. Throughout his tenure at the company, Miah has held a variety of roles, including implementation, sales, product development and management. His current position allows him to leverage that wealth of experience and insight for the needs of Vorro and its partners. In addition, Miah played a key role in the company’s successful efforts to raise capital for growth. Miah first developed his negotiating and relationship-building skills at Ingenix, a division of UnitedHealth Group. While there he worked with a broad spectrum of organizations on the provider, payer, consulting and services side of healthcare, including well-known names such as Johnson and Johnson, Medtronic, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Kaiser Permanente, Deloitte and Touche, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Boston Scientific. The knowledge and experience gained there has proven invaluable to Vorro’s clients- and the residents they serve.