Are you forgetting this?
Person using a phone while walking. The phone is emitting and receiving data.

Are you forgetting this?

Do you have a plan for metadata management? Do you know what metadata is?As the professional world has shifted online to platforms like Microsoft Teams and other business collaboration websites…

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Press Release CWE R4 20210126

VorroContact: Billy Waldrop904-739-0300 Ext 209bwaldrop@vorrohealth.comFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEVorro and the Collaborative Work Environment Partner to Address Non-Clinical and Facility Operations Costs in Health CareVorro interoperable technology links disparate systemsOrange Park, FL…

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FHIR: Don’t Get Burned in 2021

We’ll admit it, it’s true: FHIR isn’t exactly new. The initial draft of FHIR was published in 2011, which in tech years is ancient. HL7, which it’s built on top…

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FHIR, who cares?

My effort for this article was to do some research on past literature concerning data integration. My findings are not really surprising but are very predictive. Let’s look at a…

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Ready? Aim and FHIR with Vorro

As mandated by the 21st Century Cures Act, healthcare providers will be required to support “increasing interoperability and access to patient-level data.” Much of this takes effect in July 2021.…

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